Dear Colleagues,
Performance quality and treatment safety are challenging goals for health care organizations. They actively involve several professional figures, including managers and directors, who are responsible for defining and implementing efficient methods and organizational processes for risk prevention.
The International Quality Symposium is aimed at sharing state-of-the-art quality and national and international clinical risk programs. 
Some institutions and most advanced health care centers, including the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, will present their most virtuous efforts to improve the quality of treatments and care.
The Symposium is an opportunity for key figures who play a decisive role in the quality of services and performance to discuss patient safety management and share their opinions.
These professional figures include directors general, directors of health care activities, directors of quality, chief nursing officers and risk managers.
Experiences, results, challenges, and opportunities of these individuals, key to quality improvement, will be addressed throughout the three main subjects of the Symposium:

  • State-of-the-art and results of clinical risk and patient safety management programs;
  • Impact of the Joint Commission International certification system on the quality of care;
  • Involvement of the staff as driving force for quality improvement.

The objective of this event is to identify the most efficient organizational and management methods, as well as share tools and modalities used by the most advanced health care organizations to favor quality improvement and patient safety.
We look forward to welcoming you to the conference.

Angelo Luca
Chief Executive Officer
Barbara Ragonese
Director of Quality and Patient Safety

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